Location: Nevis

On a beautiful blue-sky day in Nevis, the crew got to spend the day on shore with a choice between a scenic 26 mile bike route and horseback riding on the beach. I wish I could have experienced both activities so I could tell you about it all, but I had to go with horseback riding. The horseback riding group of myself and four other girls agreed that it was the best experience with horses yet – and there was a guided tour as well which taught us a lot about the history of Nevis. The bikers huffed and puffed their way up the mountainside but felt a great deal of accomplishment at the end of the day. Our group took the taxi back down to the beachside and splurged on a tasty meal, putting the cherry on the cake. Shortly after we all declared Nevis is as close to paradise as it gets and that if possible, we would definitely return. We had free time to explore after our activities and our two groups joined once again. Although on our end we didn’t have a vigorous work out that would put us to a much needed deep slumber, I still feel like I so much out of the day.