Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Since we did not have anchor watch last night, we were able to get plenty of rest in order to prepare for the challenging ascent to “The Source”. Immediately after breakfast, we packed lunches to bring along on our journey up the mountain. While Eric went ashore to check us through customs, we began a Boat Appreciation which involved lots of scrubbing and thorough cleaning on deck and below. When our cleaning abilities were approved, we headed in to town to meet a taxi that took us to the start of the hike. The start of the trail was rather steep, and it only got worse from there. Many of us struggled to make it over the slippery rocks gracefully, but we made it to the top. The pace of the group got slower as the grounds became more rugged and very tiring. On the way up, we were able to refill our water bottles at the fresh water source. Once we arrived to the top, there was a ladder which we all climbed to enjoy the thrill as well as the view. All of us were happy with our packed lunches at the top where we were able to catch our breath, and take a break before the descent. A few of us found much entertainment while coming down because we were falling down every few steps. It didn’t take long to get back to the bottom where the taxi was waiting, and took us back to the port where we started. Most of us enjoyed some shore-time and did some exploring before we headed back to Ocean Star. After well-deserved showers, we began dinner preparation which we will enjoy on shore tonight!