Location: Fort Bay, Saba

Today we took the journey to our last new island as a crew on Ocean Star, heading from St. Eustatius to Saba. Today was my last day as skipper, I was extremely thankful for how well the crew worked today, and even though I had to wear my big orange life jacket, it was a fun sail.

We started the morning off with another outstanding breakfast made by Steph, which included bacon, eggs, toast, and a bunch of leftovers. It was a perfect way to start after a long night of lit review presentations the night before. Following breakfast, we finished the presentations from the previous night and headed to shore for a few hours. Splitting into different groups, we spent a few hours in the morning wandering St. Eustatius and having a blast.

Following our shore time, we went back to the boat and did passage prep. Everyone was super prepared and excited to work, which made for an easy and successful project. Following passage prep, we raised sails and got underway. While underway, we had shepherd’s pie made by Steph that was phenomenal. The passage that followed was very relaxing. Some people got into groups, talked, and had a lot of fun while others lay in the sun, and a few of us played M.A.S.H.Y. and just had calming conversations. Once we arrived in Saba, we did our arrival procedures: lowering sails, dropping anchor, lowering Irv, and putting on sail covers. Once all of that was completed, we had some free time on the boat, which we all used for different purposes. Dinner was ratatouille and leftovers, which was amazing. We ended our day with seamanship, a fitting way to end our last new island sail day.

We only have 11 more days until we are back home, whether that be college, family, or other places. I am very excited to see my mom, dad, sister, and dog, as well as my best friends Lia and Nick, who I haven’t seen in forever. I miss you guys so much and can’t wait to see you soon. As we hit day 70 tomorrow, we will all strive to make the best of these last remaining days.

Peace and Love to All.