Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island, BVI

…. It’ll be sunny, they said. Well, not quite as we experienced this morning! The influence of large offshore weather systems was definitely being felt in West End this morning as our crew all awoke before our chosen wake-up time to the ever-beautiful Caribbean sunrise, the roosters doing their thing and the smell of bacon. There was a strange swirl of a light breeze, stifling showers, and certainly not the typical trade wind easterlies.
Already this new crew is working like old hands, picking up the intricacies of living aboard with ease and setting to the chores with vigor and teamwork. We slipped away from the dock like professional sailors, and each crewmember had the choice of either a bathing suit or a rain jacket as an appropriate choice of attire for the short motor to our mooring in Great Harbor during one final downpour of the day. But as we neared our destination, the clouds dissipated, and blue skies adorned the horizon as we finished up learning how to tie the bowline, figure 8, and clove hitch knots, all important in their own way. Our reward for being back out in the big blue and not attached to land? Swim test! A 200m swim and 10 minutes of treading water is not only useful for living at sea but also part of the PADI diving certifications that many aboard are completing. To be able to jump right into the crystal, clear, and warm water is most certainly one of the perks of living on a boat on the islands.
Now, as the evening draws to a close, a quick introduction to the ‘squeeze’ activity post-dinner allowed me to ask what each individual plans to bring this trip, the vessel, and its crew members. We reflect relax. Some have a little diving study to complete, but for the most part, the hammocks are out, and it’s time to rest up before another day in paradise tomorrow.