Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

The sun rose and met an ocean of glass and a cloudless sky, in which Ocean Stars reflection could be seen staring back at her. The crew awoke to a simply delicious breakfast of yogurt, fruit, and bagels, gaining the vital fuel for the day ahead of them.
Today’s goals were to practice setting anchor, learn to hoist the sails, and to see if we could catch any wind. The crew learned basic line skills, such as sweating a line (not the same type of sweating they’d already done in the morning hours). They practiced tying knots learned the day before, slowly but surely perfecting them. In the late morning, the captain took the boat off the morning ball, and we were on our way. The crew removed the covers from the sails and hoisted them up. Because of the lack of wind, the motor was used to bring us into Savanna Bay.
Upon arriving in Savanna Bay, the crew worked hard to put everything in its place. The new divers in training worked on skills for their PADI open water diver course. Dive gear was assembled and loaded into the dinghies, and they were off! Their first time underwater was spent learning and practicing the first set of confined water skills. Everyone surfaced with sun-kissed faces, and big smiles could be seen. Tales of the largest urchins they had ever seen could be heard across the water.