Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today was the first day we woke up without being covered in sweat, which is always a good thing! Everyone was greeted by a beautiful morning, as has been the case so far, though getting up was a bit more difficult since some of us had done our first shift of anchor watch during the night. We ate crepes and fruit for breakfast, after which the PADI open water divers in training did more of their confined water dives off the boat. The advanced divers also had a chance to get their feet wet during their check-out dive. Some of us were treated to a quick storm to rinse off the salt water, and open water divers escaped by hopping back in for more skills practice. After lunch, we had chicken noodle soup, which was perfect since everyone was exhausted and starving from a long morning of diving. With full bellies, we gathered in the saloon to learn the last of our PADI open water diving skills (dive tables!).
Post-dive table practice, we loaded into the dinghies and went to the nearby sandy beach, something we hadn’t experienced since starting the voyage. Once there, we walked along the beach looking for interesting objects. Between the twelve of us, we found crab carcasses, small pieces of coral, and bits of trash. A ten-minute hike to the other side of the island resulted in our arrival at a beach vastly different from the first. We were now on the windward side of the island, as opposed to where we started on the leeward side, which had large rocks and low-lying shrubbery as well as much more wave action. Again, we walked around looking for interesting objects and were surprised to find a very different collection of items, including large chunks of coral, shells, and driftwood. Interestingly enough, the vast difference between these two beaches is simply due to how wind hits each side of the island.