Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

The day began early. The crew was awakened at nigh dawn to lift anchor for Mountain Point, our next destination. The sun rose to greet a cloudless sky and calm ocean. The brief, yet still thrilling, voyage to Mountain Point was smooth. The morning meal was eaten underway to allow maximum time for the day’s activities. We reached the destination and anchored for a day of scuba training.
The focus of the day was diving, during which the PADI open water divers in training, along with the already certified divers, had the chance to explore the new dive site and fine-tune their diving skills. The weather was ideal for diving; the water was calm and warm, perfect for skills practice. There was time to explore the beautiful reef, where they saw dozens of fish and marine fauna, including two big nurse sharks. Some of the crew also had the chance to learn how to drive one of the dinghies while the other members of the crew were diving. The end of the day was met with ocean showers and chicken Alfredo with salad and garlic bread, followed by the first academic class of the semester with the Captain.