Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

This morning started off with the usual start; early smells of sunscreen filling the air in the fo’c’sle and the sound of the fire alarm (only a drill!) helped ease some of us out of our bunks. After our morning dive, we had a wonderful lunch of pasta salad; I topped mine with the trifecta of the ranch, glorious balsamic, and Italian dressing (you have to get those carbs in for a full day of diving). Post-lunch, we had our first MTE class with Eric. He was very informative and seemed to be extremely excited to show us his speedy coiling skills; it was quite impressive. In the afternoon, we rolled into our final open water certification dive. It was the best dive yet, beginning with Taylor B. spotting a beautiful flamingo tongue worm (the sea creature was as interesting as its name, I promise) and ending with Peter pointing out a spotted eagle ray, a beautiful and rare creature, as we were coming up from our safety stop. Once we were back from the dive, we had our hour of evening sea showers. After lathering myself in head and shoulders (old spice flavor), I decided to attempt a double front-flip off mid-ship; I’ll just say that it wasn’t pretty and ended with a nose full of saltwater. To wrap up the beauty-filled day, we had delicious Mexican lasagna, compliments of Chef Tommy and sous-chef Roger.
As we are now done with our training dives, tomorrow we begin to do some actual sailing. I can’t wait to throw up the sails and get on a full heel with the crew. We have exciting times to come. I’m sure of it. P.S. to Mom and the girls, if you’re reading this, I’m having a wonderful time.
Deuces, WWW3