Location: Atlantic Ocean

Today was a hot one! We are still under motor due to lack of wind. However, we all still manage to find appreciation, including sunsets, watch teams, naan, the moon, and galley chaos. Today was an exciting day academically, as we had our first full length exam in Marine Bio. There were lots of group study sessions while on watches, with verbal quizzing galore! Pre-exam, spirits were lifted by a rousing rendition of “Set Fire to the Rain.” I’m not sure if that helped raise the grades, but we are a smart bunch, so hopefully, it went well as expected. After Marine Bio, we had Leadership with Allie, where we talked about strengths and weaknesses. Then there was some downtime and watch until dinner time unless you were one of the brave galley crew. Cooking underway is always a trick, and there was utter chaos unfolding in the galley today. There was a lot happening, between hot oil to be fried (burnt?), falafel to be found, chicken to be skewered, and onions to be over-vinegared, but with good attitudes and Charleton’s aux, all was well, and dinner was served with apologies to the dishy pit. The squeeze question was, “If you started now, having never done it competitively before, what Olympic sport could you compete in and not lose at the next Olympics?” Answers ranged from bobsled to speedwalking, to curling, to NASCAR and F1(Not Olympic sports). We can look forward to a break from the heat, sail handling, and a gorgeous sunset tonight.
I miss you, Mom, Dad, Clare, Gammy, and everyone else at home!!!