Location: Bequia

Today was a great day for crabkind. I saw many surface dwellers underwater for a long time. They had tanks of surface air to breath while they were in our homes. There were two groups of surface dwellers one in the morning and one in the evening. I was scared at first watching them as they looked very awkward in our waters spinning around and doing what is called a backflip. They looked like they were having fun. However I was terrified to see that one of the dwellers spotted me and the others followed suit as they were observing me in my home, I thought I was done but they just swam away from me and my other crab friends. Curious I traveled to the surface to see what they were up to on their mobile rock home. Once i made it on their place of residency, I saw many of them playing dead and then being resuscitated over and over. Me being a crab found this very strange so I did some investigating and found Emergency First Response training books. The surface dwellers seemed to be practicing skills for EFR certifications according to my crab research. Then they all gathered togething in the space they call the salon, and learned about something called oceanography. I was especially interested in that, because the ocean is my home. They were talking about climate change which sounds very scary. After that I observed them eat their so called supper; it was these string noodles things, some sort of red sauce and balls made out of meat. I picked some scraps from off the floor – very good. The one they call Avery made these balls of meat. Then there was a beautiful sight to see in the night. A moonbow from the night sky made me think that surface world isn’t so bad and us crabs should visit more often. I’m starting to get to know these surface dwellers and their culture. Hopefully they don’t see us as mere crabs but as brothers. Next entry we’ll start our plans to take over the surface world, then eventually the stars.

Local Crab Signing off.

Pictured: Argo views; crab Sam; Wyatt; Liam in monochrome; sunset tonight; our dive group filling out our log books; Bequia night lights.