Location: Bequia

At 10 am on November 28, preparations for Boatsgiving began, and 31 hours later, there was a feast that was large enough to sustain the endless appetites of us Argo students. Included in this seemingly unceasing line of food was not 8, not 9, not even 10, but 11 desserts. These sugary delights included a Boston Cream Pie (that was deemed worthy by two of our own honorary Massachusettesians), a coffee/butter cake, and a pair of cheesecakes that were close to divine. The turkey was cooked in Wy Wy’s trademarked butter, and to accompany that; we had sweet potato casserole that was to die for. Prior to engorging ourselves, however, the Argo crew went SCUBA™️ diving. The already certified open water divers are now one step closer to getting their advanced open water, while the new divers are getting more and more comfortable in the water (perhaps a little too comfortable as many of them spent their dives today face down in the sand). The divemaster trainees successfully lead dives today in Bequia, showing off the local fauna as they continue to get closer to their end goal of becoming divemasters. Almost directly following the Thanksgiving cornucopia, delirium set in as our bodies attempted to digest the vast amounts of food that had been ingested. As the food comas began, we sat around and ended the night by watching “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” I’m sure we will all sleep well tonight.

1st: Emma, Wyatt, Adina, and Bella getting ready for their dive
2nd: Smash and Jake cooking in the gally
3rd: The spread of mostly desserts on the salon table
4th: Brian vulturing on his own sweet potato casserole
5th: The line filled with stoke for the impending Boatsgiving meal
6th: Two Turkeys cooked to perfection
7th: Before-dinner clouds