Location: The Baths

The morning started in Savannah Bay, a picturesque start to a great day. We got an early start as we headed for the baths for a full morning of climbing, exploring, jumping, and a touch of spelunking. There was something for everyone as parts of our group caught the sun on the beach, others summited boulders, and some spent hours diving off the rocks. Calum was a mountain goat and Paige (after some time) perfected the dive, while James was just trying to make it out in one piece. Everyone regrouped, and we had a quick jet over to Spanish Town, where everyone got ashore. We had great eats and shopping, interrupted by a few nasty squalls. After our return to Vela, we cheffed up some wicked tacos before everyone sprinted to their fowlies to avoid yet another squall to cap off the day. A peaceful night concluded the day with everyone working on their own stuff, whether it be essays or just some card games, while getting stoked for an awesome wreck dive tomorrow. If there is one lesson to be learned from today, I would tell you: wear sunscreen no matter how overcast it may look.

-Jack, Tobasco Connoisseur

Photo 1: Jessi, Ines, and Ceci enjoying the beach
Photo 2: Darius, Case, Kealy, James, and Ben
Photo 3: The whole crew trying to find some shade
Photo 4: Courtney, Savanna, and Fitz carrying an entire boulder
Photo 5: Just pretty