Location: 18 28.2 N 064 25.0 W

I’ve noticed it’s rather difficult explaining what it’s actually like being out here. Of course, I could say it’s beautiful, but I’m sure by now you’ve already heard that. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful, great; I could spend all day listing synonyms, and none of them would really tell you anything about this place. That’s not to say they’re false–every moment I’ve spent on this trip contains beauty. But the difficulty with beauty is it’s not easily defined; it can only really be felt. That being said, the beauty here is unlike anything I’ve had the luxury of seeing. It swims and floods into every rock face and cliff; in the vibrant jade, hues hanging on every tree and the warm rays of the sun, soaking every hillside in elysian gold. You can feel it when you look off the bow, as the pelicans rise and fall on the wind before diving down into the blue of the waves, from the shape and curve of every shoreline to the boundless rolling of the steel grey clouds, heavy with the smell of evening rain. It’s in the waves, crashing against the boat in bashful fortes and the lulling symphony of tropical bugs against a full pantheon of stars. In this place, life is visceral and raw, with a tempo and flavor to combat even the most perfect dreams. The beauty here is rich like fresh chocolate, like the sweet air of wet grass or the salt stench of the sea. A single mind can grow fat off what beauty lives here, and since my arrival, I’ve been drunk (metaphorically, don’t worry) with all there is to behold. I’ve seen, heard, and felt so much in this space, and every day provides near-endless opportunities to immerse myself in that beauty. Even now, I can’t be sure I’ve explained it the best I can, and perhaps I never will. I cannot even begin to express what it really means for me to be here, but hopefully, I’ve brought you all as close as I can to better understanding the true nature of life on our trip.

With regards to our activities for the day, the hours were spent with great laughter, humor, and challenges as we continued our leadership course on a nearby beach (pictures above by me).

To my family, I am, in fact, still alive. More on that, as it develops. Updates are on the way. 🙂

#1-3: crew on the beach
#4: Boat + pelican >:)
#5: sunset dinner on the boat