Location: Cane Garden Bay

After nine full days at sea and a brief trip to a small sandy strip, Vela set course to Cane Garden bay today. The long-awaited trip to shore and high spirits to set foot on soil were met with a grueling hike to the highest point in the BVI. The crew of the Vela trekked up Mount Sage as a group. No one was left behind, and each crewmate looked after each other until we finally reached the summit. We were not just met with a gorgeous view but a pull to create a family on the vessel. Our descent from the hike was met by delicious banana smoothies and some long-awaited free time at port. Before the day came to a close, the crew convened for dinner at a restaurant where we had our first cold drinks since the trip began. We enjoyed the night and sat along the beach as a united vessel.

Photos: The Vela shipmates on their hike up to Mount Sage
Anna, Paige, Myself, and Jessie at the top of Mount Sage
Trekking in the jungle to get to the summit
Case, James, Jack, and Keally enjoying the sunset on the beach!