Location: Sandy Spit

Holy moly! What a day! After pancakes for breakfast, we attended both leadership and seamanship class. Then after our delicious Quesadilla lunch, we attended a second seamanship class, and some of us attended our first PSCT class. Then after that, we got some time on Sandy Spit, where we swam, played ball, and explored the island. Then we came back, ate veggie chili for dinner, and went out for a night dive. Reef Sharks, Octopuses, Bioluminescent plankton, you name it, they all came out to see what was up. Like I said, what a wild day. And the best part is theres another one coming tomorrow, but thats for the next skipper to blog about. This is Joshua Rubenstein signing off. Love you, Mom and Dad!

4 pictures of everyone in class: First pic L2R – Spencer, Kailegh, Keally, Case, and Jackson
Second pic L2R – Savannah, Darius, Ben, Courtney, Paige, and Jessie
Third Pic L2R – Cam, Anna, Rocco, Amos, Ale, Elan, Ceci
Fourth Pic L2R- Ines, Wyatt, James, Kailegh, Keally, Case, Alexa, Jackson
1 picture of Fitz grating cheese
1 picture of everyone cleaning after lunch: Cam, Ceci (down the gopher hole), Ben, Courtney, Elan, Darius
2 pictures of Sandy Spit – Ben and Capt Tom throwing the ball!
1 picture of Josh on the night dive