Location: Sandy Spit

Today began with, for the (semi)lucky few of us, coffee and a six a.m. sunrise. The sweet, sweet sound of anchor chain on metal became our morning anthem. We then took a leisurely motor ride over to Road Town, where some of our comrades were ferried away for a follow-up covid test. The rest of us had some downtime to play cards, read, and listen to music, with the awning up. The deck became a cool place to spend the couple of hours it took for our shipmates to return. After their return, we made another motor voyage to a pin-head sand bar named Sandy Spit. It resides off of Little Jost Van Dyke. The brief voyage was highly enjoyable; a small wake and a comforting breeze had us all relaxing. Today, much like the rest, has in my experience flown by. Seventy days doesn’t feel so long when you’re on your feet all day crunching hours. We have concluded our day with baked potatoesloaded style and arguably the most beautiful sunset yet. Its pinnacle was the sun nestling between the surrounding islands’ ridges. Pictures truly cannot do our surroundings justice. We, but I especially, are all excited for the open water, the great crossing. We have planned the next eight days until our departure around some exciting activities, notably the RMS Rhone, a night dive, as well as the Mt. Sage sea-to-summit hike. Classes for Seamanship and Leadership began today, and despite a hot cabin, we were all excited to get underway with that. One week in, nine more to go! Goodnight from all of the Vela team; we will be back to check in tomorrow.

Spencer, Loyal Stowaway