Location: Cairns, Australia

Today we woke up early, at around 6, to start our journey to the rainforest with our tour guides. The drive to the forest itself was about an hour or so, and upon our arrival, we were given a guided tour where we walked amongst the massive ferns and vines that were thicker than my arms. After our nature walk, we were driven across the river, where we stopped at a natural swimming hole to take a dip and eat some local forest fruits and drink some traditionally made teas. Driving over to the beach, the crew was allowed to chill back and relax on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been on. Following the beach, we made our way down to the lunch spot, where we fed and petted a few rehabilitating kangaroos and wallabies. After lunch, we were driven to the tour guides’ boats, where we went on a crocodile sightseeing tour. The crew managed to spot at least three crocs, one baby, and two adults; the adults were about 4 meters long. At around six, we headed back to Argo. We went through the closing session ceremonies, watching an amazing montage of pictures and videos taken throughout the trip, and finished off the night by writing index cards to everyone on board about what we liked about them and what we would miss upon our return home.