Location: Cairns, Australia

Today I literally jumped out of my bed like a rocket and ran frantically into the saloon, thinking I was late waking up everyone. I wasn’t, thank goodness, but clearly, getting an hour and ten minutes of sleep was not the best idea. However, this was due to writing letters to everyone on board, which was a long night of almost crying sessions, realizations of pre-arthritis (hand cramping, etc.), and late-night snacks to stay awake. But after all of us woke up this morning, had pastries (yes, we were speechless and filled with joy, literally and emotionally speaking), and mustered in the cockpit, we started on BA! Boat Appreciation was a long one considering we had to clean every single inch of this lovely vessel and get her ready for the next crew coming aboard. There was a lot of bleach, wax, polish, and water flying around everywhere and literally flying everywhere! The dinghy was pulled out and used to go around the starboard (right) side of the boat to be waxed and polished. Everyone had to pull their mattresses out and wipe them down with bleach, along with their hanging shelves attached to our bunks, walls, floor, door, cubbies, lights, ceiling, etc.

To say it has been a long day is an understatement, and it’s only just started. I write this as we have now finished our seven-and-a-half to 8 hour BA day and move on to showering and primping while getting excited but also sad about our last squeeze, dinner, and night out together as a whole crew. Tonight will be a night to remember, and we can all feel it. This trip has ended, but our relationship with each other has only just begun. We have formed into a family aboard Argo, and I can speak for the crew when I say we do not take this bond for granted. It has been a heck of a ride, with ups and downs (no pun intended), but none of us would trade it for anything in the world. We woke up today knowing we had to leave this beautiful vessel, and a calm silence resonated over the boat with the realization of how much we love Argo and how she has loved us as well. The day is still young, though, and all of us intend to take full advantage of exploring Cairns, being on Argo, and enjoying each other’s company. As for me, a hot shower is just what I need after waxing all day! Shout out to the Woodward family, can’t wait to see you all so soon! NYC, WCT, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. So excited. Sea|Mester, thank you for everything. We all truly appreciate what you have shown and taught us. Until next time, this is your Skipper of the Day signing off for the last time, have a wonderful day, everyone! Grace