Location: Underway to Borneo in the South China Sea

Watch continued around the clock as usual today, but the days events began picking up after lunch. After lunch we all headed down to the salon for our Introduction to Oceanography class, and I think the crew will have an enjoyable and unique experience of not only learning about the ocean but doing it while simultaneously sailing across it! We then proceeded to learn how to read out PADI dive tables so we can now calculate how long and how deep we can dive in order to stay within a pressure group and not exceed out physical limits. Another safety precaution designed for SCUBA diving. The highlight of our day occurred around 3:30pm when Argo crossed the equator! We all participated in a crossing the equator ritual and the crew officially all became shellbacks-meaning we are people that have traveled across the equator on a boat. After the ritual of becoming shellbacks, we completed the process with a few of the crew shaving or receiving haircuts. Everyone was quite pleased with their new hairdos thanks to the styling talents of Kevin and Leah. The night rounded off nicely with dinner and night watches, which experienced a few amazing heat lightening shows, topped off with just a sprinkle of rain and oil tankers passing by on the horizon.