Location: underway

There has been little wind, so we have been motoring a good portion of the way to the Galapagos. I can tell we are getting closer because birds have been flying by, and some of them are boobies, but it is unclear what type they are because they have their feet tucked away. After last night’s Pollywog Revolt, where everyone dressed up as the opposite sex, it is hard to believe it could get any better. Well, it did. Today we crossed the equator at 87 degrees longitude. We continued with tradition and had the Line Crossing Interrogation. All the Pollywogs lined up on the starboard side and got blasted off with a fire hose into the Pacific. The night continued with a good squeeze question that got everyone in the singing mood. It was interrupted with a quick but heavy rain shower. After business was taken care of, we got back to explaining what our theme song would be and doing our best to mimic it. Overall today couldn’t have been better.