Location: Nice, France

Today it all came to an end… or did it? True, our time on Argo as 29 crew members (plus our favorite cactus, Bert) is over. The bags are packed, the tickets have been bought, and everyone is off to either continue traveling for a bit or back home to get ready for the next school year. Yet it is also true that we are all parting ways knowing 28 people with whom we’ve likely spent more time than some of our relatives or classmates at home. We are parting with experiences that only we, as a crew, will be able to recollect and relate to -and through it all, we’ve all grown. No, this isn’t the end; rather, as cheesy as it might sound, it’s the beginning. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of adventures, new experiences, and chances to see familiar faces again and again. We didn’t say goodbye to each other today. We said, ‘see you later.’ With this, we close, but as I said, we’ll see you again sometime!