Location: Havana, Cuba

Today started at 3AM for watch team one. We mustered up on deck for a 3 to 6AM watch rotation. As our heads emerged one by one from below decks, we were delighted to see the distant lights of Cuba twinkling on the horizon. Not wanting to arrive in an unknown port in the dark, we slowed the boat and spent our watch rotation striking and flaking the sails at a leisurely pace. Next thing we knew, Argo had arrived in Hemingway Marina, and it was once again time to be boarded by customs officials drug dogs and all. This time the dog was an aging but energetic Cocker Spaniel. Unfortunately we could not keep him. After lunch we had a thorough boat appreciation: scrubbed the decks, waxed and rust busted, Pinesoled the floors below and wiped down pretty much any surface within reach. Once finished, we were allowed to wander off to convert money into Cuba Convertible Pesos (not to be confused with Cuban Pesos, which are virtually worthless). It was recommended that no one use credit cards or ATM machines while in Cuba just in case. Everyone aboard has been eagerly awaiting this Cuban adventure. I am keeping my fingers crossed to find a live brass band and dance some salsa. 10-4, Roger roger, over and OUT!