Location: 10 52.33'S 103 22.36'E

Today marked the first full day of our passage from Christmas Island to Cocos Keeling! Some crew members got to sleep in this morning or catch up on work, while others stood morning watch. Our dedicated chefs made tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch (a huge crowd-pleaser). In the afternoon, we took our VHF (Very High-Frequency radio) exam for Seamanship, for which we had to memorize the phonetic alphabet system. Afterward, we had a leadership class in which we discussed the way that the definition of leadership has changed from a focus on an authoritarian leader to a focus on team support and cooperation. Most people spent the rest of the afternoon working on our marine biology essay, which was due before dinner. It was our first big writing assignment for a science class, and I think I can speak for a lot of the crew when I say that we learned a lesson or two about procrastinating schoolwork on a boat. The evening finished off with stuffed bell peppers and the skipjack tuna we caught earlier for dinner.

Were all excited to get into Cocos Keeling (hopefully by Tuesday morning) and enjoy some deserted island excursions. This morning the hot water maker was temporarily out of commission, which meant no tea or coffee. Even though that qualifies as a complete crisis on Argo this boat practically runs on caffeine everyones still in good spirits and looking forward (if with slight trepidation) to the fast-approaching two-week passage to Mauritius!