Location: Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island

Love waking up on Christmas morning? Try waking up on Christmas Island to the smell of fresh monkey bread (provided by mermaid Ally) and a “black dog.” The morning was somewhat hectic as we discussed the imminent passage prep for our crossing to Cocos Keeling, but not before we got to enjoy the day’s excursions, which included scuba diving or a tour around Christmas Island. We had been split into two separate groups the day before. Those of us who stayed on Argo yesterday to start the Advanced Open Water diving course (skills included a deep dive and underwater navigation) now had the opportunity to go ashore and stretch our legs. Once ashore, we drove off in vans with our lovely tour guide Lisa who showed all the island’s hotspots, including a natural waterfall that was only a short crab-infested walk away. It showered us in cool freshwater (so clean you could drink it) in a setting reminiscent of Jurassic Park. The Christmas Island crabs are a couple of weeks out from their main migration, which occurs in late October, so we got to see thousands of ruby red crabs clicking their way across the roads. Lisa was playing the equivalent of Frogger as she weaved around the little guys. After a couple more stops around the island, we had one last opportunity to use the island’s wifi and grab snacks before heading back to Argo to finish up passage prep. A couple of us jumped off the pier and swam back to Argo in the crystal clear, 80-degree water. Coming from someone who is used to 60-degree ocean temps, it was paradise. We settled in for a long night of passage prep, Oceanography, paper writing, and test preparation. The next couple of days are filled with tests and classes. Wish us luck.
Shoutout to my family in Carp. Talk to you guys in 20 days :).