Location: Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island

This morning started with the sounds of Jack Johnson coming through the speakers as the crew woke to their first full day on Christmas Island. After a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, fruit, and cereal, the shipmates broke into two groups to see what the island had to offer both onshore and underwater. Our Advanced Open Water students donned their 5mm wetsuits, added some extra weight, and sank beneath the surface to see stunning underwater topography and tons of fish, all while practicing a few skills. After lunch, they dove off of Argo and practiced their underwater navigation while our two rescue students began practicing life-saving dive skills. Meanwhile, onshore, the rest of the students did a complete island tour of Christmas Island. It turns out the red crabs, for which the island is famous, aren’t that hard to find, in fact. There are some 50 million of them living in the forests! We checked out the many species of land crabs, had a refreshing waterfall shower, enjoyed getting sprayed by some ocean blowholes and took in the sights at some truly spectacular lookout points. After some studying and showers, Tina showed up with all of the fresh provisions from Christmas Island that are to last us almost all the way to Mauritius!! It was a challenge to stow all that food, but many students quickly jumped to the task. After everything was put away, the crew sat down for their first Marine Bio exam. After a late dinner of baked chicken and fresh vegetables (made by our first student head chef, Hugh), everyone is tired and ready to get some rest before we switch places and continue to explore Christmas Island!