Location: 6*07.328S. 96*59.320E

Today was a great and very CHILL day!

The wind was cooking, and the rain was beating down. We made some headway in sailing, no longer just drifting at sea! All of the watch teams were insanely drenched, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s moods in the slightest!!! If anything, we all came out of the rain more alive than ever, but maybe that’s just the delusion settling in as we continue on another day of passage! Maybe it’s the slight sleep deprivation, but everyone seems to be starting to turn into Jack Sparrow.

Many of us, on our off time, got to work on some homework. We all helped each other out, and it is just an amazing group of people we have on board. Beyond school, everyone on the crew is unbelievably talented whether that be in positivity, mindset, meditation, songwriting, singing, poetry, compassion, friendship, playing instruments, whistling, smiling, drawing, dancing, or just being fools, we all believe in each other and inspire one another every day. Or just everyone inspires me and continues to do so. I’m learning so much from everyone’s amazing skills (including the rice noodle art on the windows).

We are still learning so much about each other, and yet it seems as if we are all a family. We all have been stepping up to the plate when needed and have supported one another in various different ways.

If I was ever in a predicament or needed help, I’d want someone from this crew to be by my side. I’d have no doubt that they wouldn’t be already standing there supporting me!

WATCH TEAM 2 is the BEST: shoutout Finn, Cait, Max, Robbie, Sierra, Dylan, Gillian, Leonne, and Elle!!! I love everyone else too! (Tom Bravesley is the most important human by far, and everyone agrees) Miss you all back home,

This is Mads signing off, and you’re watching Disney channel

1. galley antics
2. Lucia, Robbie, and Henry
3. Noah and Angie showing their love for Tom with noodle art