Location: 5*05.397S. 76*18.888E

Hey Everybody!

We have hit the doldrums, our engines are off, the ocean is glassy with huge swells, there is no traffic, and honestly, it was a really chill day. I think everyone has come to the next stage of life at sea: acceptance. I think we have accepted that we are in the middle of the ocean, I think we accepted that this new watch system is a new way of life, and I think we have accepted that even though we may be tired and out of our comfort zone, we will thrive in this new experience. We started today as we always do with early watches, sleepy mornings, and people studying in the salon. There is no wind, so we are slowly making our way South. We had a group study time for our oceanography papers, and I think everyone really appreciated the structured time. We had fun during our Seamanship class learning how to read and utilize charts. I must say, though, the highlight of my day was spending some time on the bowsprit preparing to take down the jib sail. I watched the water roll super close under my feet and rolled away nice and easy. I really needed that reset of being still with the ocean and appreciating the calm feeling of being at the ocean’s mercy.

It feels really rewarding to know that I can push myself like this- I have been camping, I have traveled alone, and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am pushing my comfort zone. It feels healthy in a growing pains way. I think this passage is great because our collective Spotify accounts have shut off, and we are forced us to work through our thoughts instead of avoiding them with distractions. I think every day on passage is going to be like the swells today, sometimes up and sometimes down, but just like the boat, we just have to roll with it. I think having a phone or access to the world makes rolling with life kind of impossible: your Instagram will always look relatively the same, your Snapchat streaks will be there, the news will go on, and it is easy to get out and stay out of your own head. I feel like with this space. I am getting to know myself more; my strengths and weaknesses, my needs vs. wants, who I want to be vs. who I am. It is a journey that Im not done with yet, but I am aware of it happening, and I think everyone else is at a similar point.

To everyone at home: Hi! I am alive and doing good.

I hope all is well

1. watch team 3
2. Emily on the helm
3. Henry, Max, Bee, Finley, Robbie, and Tom on the bowsprit