Location: Martinique

We vanquished the mooring this morning at 6:30 to begin our passage to Martinique. This was accompanied by a surprising lack of grumbling from all of us. A smooth sail raise was followed by a fantastic breakfast of flapjacks (the British version. So picture a homemade granola cereal bar) by Carolyn and Kyle.

We split into watch teams shortly after that. Our watch team (Me, Miranda, Skye, Matt, Jules, Alex, and Steve) spent most of our watch wondering if after birds go for fish and are about to take off again, do they ever run into waves and get embarrassed and discussing the complicated history of sliced bread.
The other watch team (Claire, Tessa, Daniel, Kylie, Mari, Kyle, Tina, and Carolyn) eased sails and then took them in again and then eased them pretty much right after that, and then I think I took them in again to ease them back out. We had more fun.

Lunch was also fantastic (spoiler: so was dinner) and consisted of a hearty barley salad. This was followed by a rousing leadership class, fortunately, carried out on deck instead of down below, by Tina in which Mari and Tina yelled at each other about Tina stealing George (Mari’s crush) and how Tina and George started seeing each other in the summer but Mari didn’t know until the Halloween dance, and Tina didn’t even tell her about it, and someone else had to tell Mari, and Mari then felt betrayed and basically Tina just goes around boyfriend stealing. It was a made-up story with a fascinating and well-thought-out backstory.
We were practicing conflict mediation.

By the time the class was done, we had arrived at Martinique. Steve gave another insightful lecture about estuaries shortly after that, and the rest of the afternoon was ours to have.

Rumor has it there will be either cookies and a movie tonight or studying for the Oceanography midterm. I’m sure you can guess which one we are going to choose. (Studying, duh. We are in college here.)
Tune in next time for another exciting adventure!

P.S. I love you, Mom and Dad! Give Lincoln pets.