Location: Saint Pierre

We started today with a fantastic breakfast made by our chefs Margaret and Skye. This was followed by preparation for our wreck dives just off of Ocean Star’s stern. I think Mari perfectly exemplifies how much we all couldn’t weigh (haha) to get into the water. During this dive, the majority of the crew completed the navigation portion of our advanced open water certifications. One skill included navigating a square underwater. You’re free to reference the title to see how that went. The second group witnessed a failed attempt of a dinghy balancing act as Claire got launched over the side of Exy. This ended up being a popular appreciation during squeeze tonight.

After an amazing lunch on the boat, we all enjoyed an afternoon of free time. Skye and I went for our first independent dive, which turned out surprisingly well. A big thank you to Steve, who shuttled us over in the dinghy and waited in the rain for us to (hopefully) surface. During this time, the rest of the crew adventured through the town of Saint Pierre and came back with plenty of baguettes. A few lucky people even made friends with some chickens.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset and an even better dinner. Tomorrow, we look forward to a hike on the island!