Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Good day, accomplished basic dinghy training, OCB class and substantial free time in Grande Anse and St Georges; fourteen intrepid young people went out and fourteen intrepid young people came back; of course, given previous conduct, nothing less was expected. Provisioned at Grande Anse, which involved the purchasing, packing, transporting by bus, by boat and then re-organizing back on the boat of three top heavy shopping carts. Noble Beaks offered to solider this Herculean task on her own, but 7 sturdy souls answered the call, completing the task in record timeImagine a miniaturization of D-Day (David Day!). All in all an epic day. The people of Grenada could not be friendlier or more accommodating, and, at their bequest, and maybe a bit of our own, will be telling everyone to come check it out.