Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

After a nice 07:30 breakfast we worked quickly to clean up and get ashore for our island tour with Zebra. Our first stop was an old French/British fort that overlooks St George. Here “Alice in Wonderland” graced us with a tour explaining how this fort had switched between French and British control several times, had tunnels that used to lead to all the other forts on the island, and had a well that still supplies much of the area with water. We then continued up the mountain to an elevation of 1910 ft through rain forest switch backs. Next the crew meet up with a local guide named David who took us to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. Those of us who were up for it climbed a steep muddy trail where David helped us safely jump from the seven different falls. The 2nd to last of which was about 40ft high. After this we made it out of the rainforest we enjoyed a PB and J lunch followed by an exhilarating romp down the mountain with Zebra. Once back aboard we enjoyed some shower and study time. Tina made quesadillas for dinner, and for dessert a good helping of marine biology class.