Location: 12 02.66'S 96 36.24'E

Today marks the (kind of) first day of our passage to the Indian Ocean, hence the title Day 0. Our morning started off with crumb cake, which everyone was stoked about. However, 10 minutes after eating it, we all found ourselves in deep food comas, pictured here (I will get back to this later). After breakfast, we dove right into passage prep, which is exactly what it sounds like…prepping the boat for passage. Passage prep started off like any other time, first put the scuba gear away, take sail covers off, etc… then came the trash. Since we cannot throw away our trash in Christmas Island or Cocos Keeling, we have to take it across the Indian Ocean with us until we reach Mauritius, so we had a few stowaway bags that needed to be secured as part of prepping Argo. To our dismay, we found dead flies and maggots embedded into the trash, which, you guessed it, we had to get rid of. Claire Rob’s job today was a trash master, so she rallied an all-star team of Allie Murph, Matt, Anna, Clair Mill, Alex, and I to begin the daunting task of LITERALLY taking apart the trash, bleaching it, and then repacking it. All in all, the process took about 3 hours, 23 students, nine bags of trash condensed into 3, and the majority of our passage prep. It was type 2 fun, to say the least, but we are all pretty thankful it got done!

Going back to the crumb cake, since we were all in such major food comas, some of us decided to preemptively take Dramamine for the anticipated seas sickness that would come about once we were underway. Little did we know, the Dramamine would cause some serious drowsiness, and that the drowsiness, would come at the exact time we needed to raise three sails. We divided into watch teams, watch team one on the mainsail, watch team two on the anchor and forward staysail, and watch team three on the main staysail. At about 3:30 pm, half the crew was zonked on the deck, some even catching some shut-eye under the dinghy while waiting their turn to raise a sail. Despite most of us being sleepy, we managed to raise Argo’s sails to begin our voyage across the Indian Ocean!

The squeeze question (or statement) tonight was “describe your feelings about this passage in one word,” and we got a mix of responses. Some include excited, eager, nervous, intimidated, and of course, nauseous and water. There really isn’t anything that can prepare us to take on a rough, 3-meter sea state while simultaneously cooking dinner, taking classes, and doing watch, but if there is a group that will get it done, it will be FOM17. We all bring something to the table that, together, creates an unstoppable combination. So, that’s it for now! To all the nervous parents, grandparents, friends, etc., we are all safe, happy, and overall excited to be headed into this once-in-a-lifetime journey! Next stop, Mauritius!

Mom, Dad, C, Fran – I hope it isn’t too boring at home without me! I will be in touch once we do this thing where we sail across an ocean.