Location: Direction Island, Cocos Keeling Islands

As our last day here at Cocos Keeling comes to an end and clean-up is in full swing, we all can’t stop thinking about our dives today. Throughout the groups, there were manta rays, blacktip and white tip reef sharks, giant grouper, and even a hammerhead shark spotted, not to mention the amazing wreck and drop off nearby. The corals were beautiful, and the water was warm. What more could you ask from a dive site?

Our next stop is Mauritius, but not before a two-week passage. Although it may seem daunting, we know that we are prepared for it and wonder what will occupy our spare time. Classes are in full swing, so we are sure to be busy with homework and studying. Papers are coming due, and we all are working together to get them done.

On a more personal note, though. Cocos-Keeling has been on my bucket list for nearly the last two years since seeing videos and photos of it online. When reading that we would be stopping here, it was almost too good to be true. After a pitch-black night watch and building anticipation for what was soon to come, followed by only a few hours of sleep, I woke to see a color of the water that many only dream of out the galley porthole. Direction Island, Cocos Keeling, was off the port side of Argo. Fueled by the news that following a prompt and good boat appreciation, we could go ashore, we ran through getting the boat clean. The island was everything that I expected, and the simplicity of our own semi-private, two-mile-long strip of the island was exactly what I as well as many of my fellow students needed. With all of that said, leaving the island is bittersweet for many of us. On to the next adventure, though!

Farewell, Cocos Keeling. Thanks for everything.

Until next time,

– Nicky P =)