Location: Atlantic - 35.38N 50.01W

After having a delicious lunch of soup and biscuits covered in jelly or Nutella, the crew began cleanup. Some of us cleaned and dried dishes, while others cleaned the deck or galley down below. When cleanup was completed, Carolyn gave a lesson on the Atlantic Ocean. Afterward, Cooper and Ian taught the Seamanship class for the day, where we all learned about different lights on boats and how to reef a sail. We then all went up on deck to take our daily showers, with a few people screaming with surprise and laughter when the cold water hit them. Everyone then either relaxed, went on watch, or cooked another delicious dinner. Overall, we all had a good day, even though it was pretty chilly as we traveled farther north. We are currently just over halfway to reaching the Azores, and I am glad to say that everyone is still in high spirits after many miles of endless blue water.