Location: Atlantic 34 11. N 52 38. W

Hollywood has some beautiful and stunning stars, but nothing can compare to last night’s view on Watch Team Twos watch (my watch). The helmsmen, Aaron, went about 30 degrees off course because, like all of us, our eyes were glued to the sky. It was the first time you could see how round the earth really is; it was like we had been shrunk and placed in a blue marble. I was team leader for the night (8 pm-12 am), and I was called to the bow by Becky, whose eyes were lit up with excitement. She told me to look over the side at the ship cutting through the water, as I leaned forward I could see glowing green bouncy ball-like objects jumping in the air, and as Chapman (the smartest of ’em all) told us it was bioluminescence striking the ship’s edge. Taylor M and I baked a cinnamon chocolate roll that killed it in the reviews, obviously. I have to go now; tonight is the “Midway Moondance” a gala to celebrate us getting to our midpoint in the trip (I thought of the title, you’re all welcome). I am happy to say I have not had a single sad or emotional moment on this boat; my mind is alive with creativity because here on Argo, you can and always can be the person that makes you the happiest.
Ps. Mom, I will try my best to phone you on my birthday, love you, and miss you. Oh and Ro I actually left for the trip now ^_^