Location: Roseau, Dominica

Day two in Dominica started off earlier than usual, so we could hit the ground running with our morning of scuba diving. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, we loaded all our dive gear into smoke (the dinghy). Three trips later, in the dinghy’s, we all boarded “Dive Dominica’s” boat. This was the first day of diving where all of the shipmates of Argo got to dive together. Everyone was happy to have passed their open water certifications! We did two dives with a thirty-minute surface interval in between. The diving was incredible! The visibility was great, there were hundreds of fish, and we got to dive along a reef wall. Everyone had a great time! When we got back to Argo and rinsed all of our gear off, there were grilled cheese sandwiches and hot tomato soup waiting for us for lunch. We scarfed down lunch because we were all so hungry from the long morning. After dish-washing and cleanup, we all got to go to shore for two hours and got some quick WiFi. We came back to the boat, did our jump-in showers, and had a Mexican-themed dinner! We then had our second Oceanography class. Everyone is crashing early tonight from a long day, and we have a hike of the boiling lake to look forward to tomorrow.