Location: Roseau, Dominica

On the 12th day of Seamester, on February 7 in Dominica, most of the crew headed out to see a boiling lake, with some staying behind for a fruit tour. Us hikers had a great start with the star of the day: Poncho. Poncho was our tour guide for the day, and he was a character, cracking jokes and laughing hard from the second we met. With that, we began our epic 8-hour hike across the incredible Dominican rainforest. For me, one of the most incredible views was at the top of a mountain we stopped at. Until then, I had been trudging through mud, but the rain clouds at the top of the mountain reminded me of a painting from the Romantic days of Germany. Those clouds whipped by with incredible speed, and when they cleared, my breath would catch at the rugged valleys beneath. That was the high of the day for me. As we continued onward toward the world’s only boiling lake, the way was hard, but we managed to make it all the way there and back and were rewarded on our return journey by stopping off at some hot springs. After the hike was over, we were in for a real treat, night out on the shore. I, for one, was extremely excited, but not as much as Audrey, who managed to take a plunge in the seawater in the mad dash for the dinghy! It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. After our night out, however, most of the Argonauts and I were dead tired — but not so tired we didn’t jump at the chance to go to Carnivale the next day… but that’s another story!