Location: Roseau, Dominica

We awoke this morning aboard SY Argo to a calm sunrise accompanied by the soft echoes of celebration coming from the shore. We roused ourselves and did the daily breakfast/cleanup routine before taking the dinghies to town. A sense of suspense lingered as we made our way towards the thumping bass and SoCa melodies that filled the heavy morning air. Rounding a street corner, our group was greeted by a wall of noise and color — costumes ranging from outlandish to absurd were no more than a blur amidst the jovial chaos of celebration. No matter where you put your eyes, people moved about as if this was an everyday occurrence. Our crew split to explore in small groups, soaking in the experience for the next few hours. Needless to say, the Carnival celebration was well worth being a part of. We regrouped in the early afternoon and headed back to Argo for saltwater showers and a lecture given by our zany scuba instructor/marine biologist Steve. Before long, nearly every crew member was enveloped in the sweet comfort of an afternoon nap. We awoke to the delicious aroma of sizzling kebabs as dinner was being set before an awe-inspiring sunset over the Caribbean sea. Finally, we enjoyed the nightly squeeze and settled in for a leadership discussion with Argo’s first mate Ian. Overall it was another eventful day, full of new and amazing experiences.