Location: Underway to Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

We began our last morning in Dominica by preparing the boat for our first 24-hour passage to Bequia! We sailed out around 11 am to have a sudden man over-board drill, and a farewell from some of the local dolphins as they played in our wake. While underway, we had our basic seamanship class, where we learned how to tie a few different knots. The passage was a bit rolly, and some of us definitely started feeling the effects in the evening, which resulted in a select few of us passed out asleep on the stern of the boat. As watch teams rotated through the night, my watch began at 6 am, and we pulled into Bequia around 8 am this morning. It was definitely a long night for all of us, but pulling into the bay this morning made it all worth it!