Location: Atlantic - 38.59N 38.40W

Stormy clouds and rainy winds as wake ups started at 4 am today for my watch team. It wasn’t the most beautiful day but we got to experience some choppy seas. After watch, our team was a little late to lunch because we were passed out, due to our early wake ups. Our routine was as it was any other day in the past two weeks. We ate lunch but after clean ups we had a scheduled test for our International Yacht Training, which we all did well on. As a reward we were given a delicacy aboard Argo, some brownookies, which are brownies and cookies. We were all very content with the sweet chocolate as we have been at sea for two weeks now and it isn’t often we get to satisfy our sweet tooth. As of now we are three days away from our first look at land in a while and as obvious as it is, we are all itching to get onto land. The sun is going down now and we are getting ready for another slumber aboard our forever rocking cradle that is Argo.