Location: Atlantic - 38.54N 34.58W

Walking down the companionway stairs at 4 am after four long hours of watch, watch team 3 indulged ourselves in the freshly made cinnamon rolls. Since our watch team only seems to ever talk about food we wish we could have at the current moment, these really hit the spot. It was a fabulous start to a great day. We then proceeded to retire back to our cabins, where we were woken up to lunch being served. As I walked up the stairs, I was shocked to see the ocean was flat, with no waves whatsoever. It was as if I stepped into a movie. The glass-like water was astonishing and one of the many things I had hoped to witness on this trip. After eating a lunch of rice and lentil soup, we all then went to class, where we learned about marine mammals and the Azores. I can’t wait to get to the Azores and relax on the beach with some strawberries; it looks so gorgeous there. After the ice-cold refreshing showers, we then had a surprise fire drill and an abandoned ship drill. We were pretty fierce in our type 1 PFDs soon after. We had dinner of chili and cornbread and then watched another beautiful sunset to finish off the day.