Location: Horta - Azores

Our 15-day streak of endless ocean views was ended today 2,420 miles into our trip when the islands of Pico and Faial rose out of the distant horizon. After a nutritious breakfast, double chocolate chip and blueberry muffins were served. It was all hands on deck as the Argonauts prepared the ship for docking in the bustling Port of Horta. With sails down and covered, topsides thoroughly scrubbed, and fenders are manually and laboriously blown up by hand, the crew settled down for lunch as our brave Captain ventured forth to Horta’s customs officials to clear the eager crew.
Held hostage until we finished our VHF (Very High Frequency) Radio certification test, the Argonauts were finally released to explore Horta’s various shops and cafes. Making up for two weeks at sea, many of us found ourselves stuffing our faces with crepes, gelato, steaks, pizzas, and everything else the Cafes had to offer. After eating our fair share and wondering through Horta’s winding streaks, the entire crew met at the famous Peter’s Sports Cafe for a team dessert feast of passion fruit pie, chocolate cake, apple pie, and chocolate mousse to celebrate the completion of the first major leg in our adventure across the Atlantic.
Morale was high as the first night on the solid ground came to a close, and the crew prepared for tomorrow’s tour of Pico.