Location: Horta - Azores

Today was the first day that we all got to ourselves. There was no mandatory wake up time. However, we had to be back on the boat at 4 pm to get the boat ready for our journey to Gibraltar. Some students slept in until they wanted to wake up, and others got up early morning activities such as walking around looking for a breakfast place, hiking around the island, using the internet, or just waking up early to enjoy the sunrise. Most students used part of their free time to do laundry and take warm showers before we brace ourselves for the cold Atlantic. Around lunchtime and beyond, students either were still exploring the island or were shopping, enjoying themselves at the beach or cafes nearby. Also, almost every student went to the supermarket to get snacks after learning the hard way of how important snacks are while underway. All in all, it was a good leisure day before we go on another passage, this time to Gibraltar.

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