Location: Porta - Azores

Our first full day in the Azores has not only brought steady land and delicious food (not that boat food isn’t yummy), but it also provided us with new freedom. With no set wakeup time, some of the crew decided to rise early for hiking and buffet-style breakfasts, while others took the opportunity to catch up on sleep. By 9, everyone was awake and ready for the ferry ride to the island of Pico for a day of adventures. After a quick walk to the ferry station, the Argo crew boarded the ferryboat for a quick ride to Pico. Upon our arrival, several vans were waiting for us to give us a tour of the island. Our personal drivers took us to see vineyards, amazing rock formations, a crater lake, a lot of cows, and some amazing views. Lastly, we had the opportunity to tour the underground lava tubes that were formed by a volcano. After outfitting ourselves with hairnets, helmets, and flashlights, we made our way underground and through some of the tunnels caused by the lava. Once we returned to the earth’s surface, we ended our journey across Pico with some amazing gelato. After the crew returned to our dock, we had some free time to shop, eat dinner, and explore the town. It was an amazing day on land, and I’m sure I speak for all of the crew when I say that I can’t wait to see what tomorrow, our final day in the Azores, brings.

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