Location: Horta - Azores

The Azores is a place of true beauty. For myself, it is a stark reminder of home; today, the mist over the rolling hills resembled that of the English countryside, which was only enhanced when it started raining. It is a true paradise. Our shipmates were woken up to the sight of our first rain in the Azores, fog rolling in from the North Atlantic to shroud passing ships in a thick white blanket that completely obscured the harbor entrance and vista of Pico rising beyond. After a lazy morning resting up from the long passage and excitement of the past few days, we had a stand-up meal of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches — perfect rainy day food. After the cleanup, myself and a few of my fellow staff members, took the shipmates to the local whaling museum here in Horta. It was both an insightful and educational trip. After the tour, we walked around Horta once more, taking in the way the character of the old whaling town changed in the grey and gloomy weather, calling to mind the sight that must have welcomed Nantucket whalers when their ships reached this harbor centuries ago. After our walk through town, we returned to Argo for some amazingly well-prepared chicken enchiladas. After cleanup, we squeezed down below to escape the fine drizzling mist that began during dinnertime. The squeeze question was, “what would your ideal profession be?” We had a variety of answers from students and staff alike, ranging from “neurosurgeon” to “dive instructor/marine biologist,” “sailor” to “aerospace consultant,” “homicide detective” to “professional pineapple taste-tester.” Now we’re enjoying a rare free evening, getting our last gelato ashore and putting on some movies with a friend to rest and relax before our weeklong passage to Gibraltar begins tomorrow. We look forward to updating you on our progress as soon as we’re underway!