Location: Underway to Bonaire

Today we continued on our expedition to Bonaire. Watch team one started the day bright and early with a sunrise that rose from the deep blue ocean. On our third day being underway, we continued the same routine we have become accustomed to by switching watch teams and taking a very powerful saltwater shower on deck, practically falling overboard as we were shampooing our hair. Our chefs for the day: Orren, Oscar, and Tina slaved away all day, creating an Asian cuisine masterpiece. They made Wonton soup for lunch and Gado-Gado for dinner. During this full-day, we took our first Oceanography quiz. Not only was this a first in the classroom, but that became the theme of the day. At the end of dinner, Ian, our fishing guru, and leadership teacher, managed to wrangle in two tunas back to back. An unexpected delight that we all can’t wait to eat tomorrow.