Location: Bonaire

Today on S/Y Argo, we finished our multi-day sail from Grenada to Bonaire. We arrived at eight o’clock in the morning and spent the morning cleaning the boat from bow to stern. After lunch, we had a guest aboard from STINAPA, the organization that controls and protects the local marine parks. She reviewed local diving laws and practices with us so we can reduce our environmental impact while diving. After having learned a bit about the determined efforts of Bonaire’s citizens to protect their coastline, we went to a local branch of CIEE (Council for International Education Exchange) and learned about the invasive yet tasty lionfish. We got to dissect the lionfish and learn more about which species they prey on and how Bonaire is trying to create economic incentives for their eradication (i.e., letting tourists know that lionfish are invasive yet tasty!). Now after dinner, we are tired but happy to be on land again and looking forward to getting underwater tomorrow.

Best wishes from Argo!