Location: Atlantic - 37.31N 20.09W

I have never felt unsafe aboard Argo, and I believe that you would be hard-pressed to find anyone aboard who has. Even though we have been hundreds of miles away from the nearest land, for the first time in most of our lives, we are completely and utterly alone. No other boats near us, no other people (save the 30 you see daily), and definitely no land. But we still feel safe, Argo has housed us for the past 24 days and has brought us close to 3,000 nautical miles, and we have formed our own little community aboard this boat. This community that we would (and have every night) trust with our lives. Because of this, no matter how small we have felt, we have always felt like ourselves.

This was put into context today in an incredible way.
We got to swim. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In 3500 meter deep water. While the water looked like glass, we swam. It was cool.
But first things first, the main staysail and the main fore staysail had to come down. We didn’t want any stray squalls to steal Argo away from us. We then brought out the dinghy just as an extra safety precaution. A couple of loose ends had to be tied up, and we were ready to swim. The first plunge into the freezing water sent adrenaline through our veins. But it wasn’t until we popped out of the water that we realized that we were literally and in every sense in the middle of nowhere. Argo seemed huge and tiny at the same time. Seeing the massive keel bobbing underneath the water was incredible, but as we looked around, we realized how very small in comparison to the ocean around us Argo was.
As we got out of the water and pulled away, the group seemed closer, almost as if for the first time in 24 days we truly realized how much we needed one another to get through this trip, and how important this journey was to all of us. I can’t say for sure this is how we all felt, but I can say that the Navigation Lesson that followed was by far the most energetic we have had, and the overall mood of the boat has been raised. Today has made me all the more excited about the days that are to come.

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