Location: Atlantic - 37.12N 17.04W

Watch this morning started like any other day, helming in fuzzy pink pj’s and doing sunrise bow watch squats. However, today was extra special, because today was the day that the wind was supposed to return. Having learned about the storm up north that would be bringing the wind in class yesterday, we were all buzzing with anticipation. Slowly, in between meals, class, and showers, we worked on raising the sails again. By late afternoon Argo was flying under six sails once again, back in her full glory. At 3 pm, we marked our 3000th-mile sailing. To both those who are experienced sailors and those who stepped on a boat for the first time 25 days ago, this was an incredible feat to reflect on. We have all come to appreciate the vastness of the earth and our isolation within its endless horizons. While we are all looking forward to seeing land again soon, we will enjoy the last 500 miles without shore in sight, living in our own Argo-world. While today was considerably more work in comparison to the days when we just cruise along (six sails = a bajillion lines to pull), it was very fulfilling getting Argo back under sail, and our hard work in class and on deck was relived by the sight of backflipping dolphins and by the prank war that has broken out (details to follow).

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