Location: Lesser Antilles and Caribbean Basin

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day in Bonaire! After a delicious breakfast of poached eggs and toast, we had a Marine Biology lecture. We learned about sponges and comb jellies and were able to apply our learnings to the scuba diving we did today! The Argo crew split into two groups, similar to yesterday. Those that windsurfed in Jibe City yesterday dived today and vice versa. The first of three dives of the day was a navigation dive. Everyone was able to pass their navigation dive! We have started to complete the specialty dives for our Advanced Open Water Courses. In the afternoon, we did our first research dives for our Oceanography research projects, which were a success. The diving in Bonaire is absolutely breathtaking! The reefs are extremely well kept, as the reefs belong to the Bonaire Marine Park. We saw hundreds of colorful fish and healthy corals, and after dinner, we will be completing our first night dive! Those that went to Jibe City took windsurfing lessons and had a great time. We just had a big chicken Parmesan dinner, and the divers for today are off to complete their first night-dive with our instructors!